Hiring movers Las Vegas services just got easier 

  When you hire Frontier Movers of Las Vegas you get a team that will deliver what they promised from the very beginning. You will also notice right away that our team care very much about your needs, concerns, and property. As your local Las Vegas movers we don't say we will do a great job, we also deliver the best job. Our Las Vegas moving company has the best implemented policy and we bring it every time right to your door. We do our moving swiftly and promptly along with a smile. Our movers in Las Vegas will set a time expectation and will do just about everything possible to stay with that schedule. Our Las Vegas moving company will only hire movers that have had a pre-employment screening done. And our drivers must pass a safety driving background as well as other qualification check. 

  You will also notice that when our Las Vegas movers arrive on your moving day they get right to business. This is so your expectations are met and your new beginning can get started as soon as possible.

  At Frontier Movers of Las Vegas our priority is to achieve a satisfaction ratings of 100%. We pay attention to our clients needs right down to the very little detail. Our Las Vegas movers come with the focus and aspiration that no move is too detailed or too cumbersome to handle for our customers liking. As your moving company in Las Vegas we are devoted movers that are set to accomplish what you need day in and day out. And that's why our customers are able to talk to a service manager anytime they feel the need. Simply put we care about our customer service the way you would want to be cared about. 

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Award winning Las Vegas movers
John says moving in las Vegas can be easy

Who We are 

 We are a truly locally owned Las Vegas moving company that offers a variety of moving services. Frontier Movers of Las Vegas is located right here in Las Vegas and we offer services such as packing services, loading services, unloading services, local moves, and long distance moves. 

 Our Las Vegas movers can provide you with a complete moving package that allows you to move without lifting a finger. We can take the most stressful day of your life and turn it into the easiest move possible. It's our goal to not just provide you with a great Las Vegas movers experience but to also make sure that when you look back at the day of your move that you will see it as an amazing experience that only Frontier Movers of Las Vegas could have carried it out. ​​

Local and Long Distance 

​Moving Services 

award winning Las Vegas movers

We are a local movers Las Vegas service provider that offers both local moving to long distance moving.

Movers Las Vegas services for those who need a moving company in Las Vegas

Our moving services 

 Frontier Movers of Las Vegas is all about making your Las Vegas moving experience the best stress free move possible. This means that whether you're moving in town a block away or moving across the country Frontier Movers of Las Vegas will go to great length to make sure that the move is as smooth as can be. Further more all our Las Vegas movers personal go through training as to how to help our customers have a stress free setting during a very stressful time. 

 We have also taken steps to make sure that we have hired the right people by having all employees go through background check as well as making sure that all our Las Vegas movers are drug free no exceptions. 

Local Moving 

Frontier Movers of Las Vegas has experienced local workers that have been doing moving services for many years. This means that we don't just help you move more efficient but we do it with a carefree results.

Long Distance Moving 

Frontier Movers of Las Vegas has assembled what we believe to be one of the most skillful and qualified moving team to make such a move for our clients. 

In the case you are moving across states or across the country it can even be a more worried some situation and there for requires a team like our Frontier Movers of Las Vegas personal. 

​Packing Services 

​Our Las Vegas moving company offers assortment of options when it comes to our packing services. You could have us pack everything professionally making your personal property more secured, or you may want to have our movers pack just certain rooms while packing other rooms on your own. You may also have us pack just breakable products so you'll know that it's been done right by the pros. 

Boxes And Supplies

Does it seem like you just can't find all the moving supply you need or maybe you're not sure what you need? No worries we have all the moving supply you need at Frontier Movers of Las Vegas. We even have packing supply that's hard to find as well as supply that could protect your personal property that you didn't even know where available in todays move. 

Frontier Movers of Las Vegas has the team for you

how do We Do it 

 We do it by hiring the most professional friendly stuff possible. It's true to say that our Las Vegas movers and supporting stuff have to be knowledgeable to get hired in the first place, yet to us it's just as important that they will provide the friendliest service in the field today. After all moving is stressful and exhausting so having our friendly Las Vegas movers who not only do what they where hired for but also accommodate with care and dignity is truly priceless to our customers. 

 As a Las Vegas movers company we always want our customers to know how important it is for us that you are as happy as we are lucky to have you as a customer. We truly take great steps to make sure that you and your family are as delighted as can be and not just content as we see with other moving companies.

Hiring Las Vegas Movers just got easier 




Las Vegas movers making the move easy
Frontier Movers of Las Vegas a Las Vegas moving company


Local and Long Distance