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What size moving truck should be used when hiring a moving company?  

Lets start by saying that it's all relevant to how much clutter you have. It's easy for us to say to ourselves that we don't have a lot of unneeded things but lets face it a lot of us just can't let go of things even if we don't need it. Now that being said remember when hiring a moving company truck size does matter. 

So here is Frontiers Movers of Las Vegas recommendations. 

‚ÄčIf you have a two bedroom home with 8 pieces of furniture, small amount of miscellaneous, 40 to 60 boxes, up to 2500 pounds of materials or about 900 cubic feet of possessions you should be good with a 17-20 foot truck. 

‚ÄčIf you have a three to a four bedroom home 12 pieces of furniture, small amount of miscellaneous, 60 to 80 boxes, up to 3500 pounds of materials or about 1200 cubic feet of possessions you should be good with a 22-24 foot truck. 

If you have a three to a five bedroom home 15 pieces of furniture, some amount of miscellaneous but not to much, under 120 boxes, up to 4500 pounds of materials or about 1600 cubic feet of possessions you should be good with a 26 foot truck. 

You should know that every move is different and everyone has furniture of different sizes and therefor you might need a different size truck from our recommendation so please get a professional moving company to look at what you have before finalizing a truck size. 

As for Frontier Movers of Las Vegas all our Las Vegas movers show up with a 26 foot truck making your move a no brainer. Remember size does matter when it comes to moving. 


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