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Frontier Movers of Las Vegas a Las Vegas moving company

Local and Long Distance 


we have the confidence we will exceed your expectations    

Frontier Movers of Las Vegas has the desire and the will to not just meet your expectations but to beat your expectations. Our Las Vegas moving company was built with the idea that customers and their needs come first and everything else is a far second.

We realize that when it comes to moving you've heard it all but with Frontier Movers of Las Vegas you'll hear only one thing again and again how can we make it easier for you. As a moving company in the Las Vegas metro area we have something some companies don't, we have our office, stuff, and managers right here on the ground ready to take action and all for the benefit of the client. This means that we are truly available for any solution that needs to take place before and during your move on what could be a very emotional day.

And keep in mind that if you let us know an advance on what you're hoping for it will make it even easier to achieve your smile and happiness. 



''moving at the speed of you''


in and out service

With service guys that don't waist time you'll find yourself moving faster, quicker and more efficient. We have guys that have all the right experience and all the right care so when you higher FRONTIER MOVERS of Las Vegas to make that moving day happen it will be done right and with all the care you'd hope for.

''Come Move With Us''.    ​    

   Frontier Movers of Las Vegas is one of the most reliable, dependable, and honest truly local moving service companies in Las Vegas. We maintain our belief that no out of state moving company can compete with our fundamentals. We are truly all about our clients needs from the moment our movers arrive to the time we depart. Our Las Vegas movers know that it's ok to take more time to make our clients smile without having a floor manager question the service provided. This is done so our clients can have everything moved with a no hassle, no stress, and no missed wish list. As a moving company in Las Vegas we were put together as the clients patient muscle mover. Our fully licensed Las Vegas moving company promises you that our first and foremost goal is that you're happy with our movers as well as have you feel how important you are to us. 

''This company was built around the idea that without you there's no us''.

   Frontier Movers of Las Vegas was put together with the objectives of how can we please our clients way before we ever worried about where our office should be located. This is because our company principles was built just like all our previous successful companies, and that's with the idea that if you satisfy your clients the company will rise to be what you could have only wished it could be. And that's the consumer pleaser of the world of moving. In other words, Frontier Movers of Las Vegas is the one Las Vegas moving company that believes that if you build a great service company the rest will come on it's own. 

''We can only be pleased if our clients are pleased''.       

The size that fits

Our fleet of trucks are made of 26 footer trucks to make that local move even better so even though you might just be making a local move we made sure we have quite the room your wishing for. In fact most 26 ft trucks can carry a load weight of up to 10,000 lbs. But don't worry if we need to we will make multiple trips to make that move complete with a smile. 

  To be a great movers company in Las Vegas you must first and foremost be an extremely ethical and caring service provider. This is a job where everyone that hires you has confidence that you will help move their life long belongings and do it all in a timely manner. And this is where our Las Vegas movers come into play, as we will do everything possible so you and your family will be able to start your new life on a good note. Frontier Movers of Las Vegas has what we call ''Customer Fundamental Outlook'', meaning we try to do what we would want if we were the customer ourselves. And this is why our Las Vegas moving company will only hire professional, courteous, and customer pleasing personnel. 

  We also know that any great moving company in Las Vegas must have employees that have patience and be cordial to assist families in what could be one of the most stressful days they experience. And that's why our moving company only hires workers after three interviews, allowing us to see if the potential hiree has the calmness and fortitude it takes to offer our clients the best experience.

  It's also important to us that our Las Vegas movers are hospitable and easygoing. We understand that when a client comes across a friendly face who has an easy going personality it helps take the edge off. Essentially the customer might be already experiencing anxiety and distress, and our smiling helpful faces could be the one thing that changes everything in that moment. 

Our Las Vegas moving company cares from the very first moment you meet our caring crew to the last door we close on our way out. 



  If you are distraught about the tremendous amount of money you're about to spend for hiring a Las Vegas moving company, you can relax now. When you hire Frontier Movers of Las Vegas, the service charges are anything but hefty compare to the stories you've might have herd of! As your Award Winning Las moving company we've priced all our services to be cost efficient. Our Las Vegas movers will never try to sell you things that you don't want, don't need, or flat out aren't necessary. As your hassle free moving service providers we want you and your family to always think of us when someone talks about moving.

  We pledge to every customer that uses Frontier Movers of Las Vegas that the positive experience you'll encounter will gladden the thought of ever hiring us in the first place. And that's why we don't care if you get three Las Vegas movers to come out to estimate the move, we just want to be one of those estimating moving companies so we can show you the difference between us and the others.

  You should always price your move with a licensed Las Vegas moving company like us. Avoid the nightmare before it ever starts. And remember that the hassle free moving company is the Frontier Movers company.

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newer trucks

FRONTIER MOVERS of Las Vegas will only buy moving trucks that are up to code and better. Our moving company does not buy old trucks we buy trucks that are either new or what we believe to be like new. We never want our customers to go through some of the stories you've probably read on line and we put our money where are mouth is.