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When packing yourself try to pack heavy things in the smallest boxes possible. This way your belonging won't move as much as it would in bigger boxes. Stuff boxes with fragile items with blankets, clothe, or styrofoam ( ask your moving company about this before doing so). 

​Place heavier boxes closer to the ground, this way there's a lessor chance of the box shifting around during the move. Use soft material between all the glassware, plates and bowls.

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Color code or label the boxes so you'll know what room each box needs to go to in the new home. This is to avoid having to open each box upon arrival. It's not just time consuming but in most cases you could be paying those moving companies by the hour in some states. 

Donate the things you truly don't need. The last thing you need is your old unneeded things in your new residence taking up space that could be used for things you truly do need or want. And keep in mind that in most cities you could call for a donation pick up, this way you got ride of things you don't need and someone is likely to get things they could not afford. It's a win win for everyone. 

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​Since how your belongings are packed will determine if everything gets to your destination safely should make you consider what might you want the moving company to pack versus what you might want to pack yourself. For example, it would probably be wise to have your Las Vegas movers pack your flat screen TV, but packing your books yourself in a tight box would be reasonably fine in most cases. 

Invest in quality moving products. It's never fun to arrive at your new destination and your packing boxes did not hold up. In fact most company movers would tell you that more products gets ruined during the move because the packing did not hold up than for any other reason. So the next time you're moving do not buy the cheap boxes, packing tape, or any other moving material that is needed in your move. 

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