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How to choose a Las Vegas moving company 

The first thing that you should know is that there's laws in place that protect you as a consumer. What that means is that you as the consumer have rights that have been put into place by the law makers. This is very important as you want to be protected in everyway possible. And this is why you should never ever hire a Las Vegas moving company that you did not check to see that is licensed properly. 

Get multiple estimates from licensed Las Vegas moving companies. This will allow you to evaluate the price of one moving company to another. Make sure to pay attention to what each one gives as you don't want one moving company to look like it's cheaper but cost you more when it's all said in done, so look at the details of the estimate closely. 

​Lookout for early warnings or what we call red flags when the moving company estimator is there. Did the estimator come on time, was he or she able to answer all your reasonable questions regarding your move. Make sure the moving company's estimator gets a comprehensive walk through of all that you're moving, if they don't the estimate could be far from correct and that's the last thing you want. 

Check the reviews and see how the moving company is rated on line. You could check reviews on company listings like Yelp, The Better Business Bureau, Yellow Pages, and Diamond Pages just for example. Make sure to evaluate the reviews properly. I personally only care about reviews of paying consumers. For me it's the paying customer that can tell 100% of the story and even than I want to see that the reviewer was reasonable with his or her expectations. If the reviewer is upset with how long it took the movers to drive with heavy traffic than I know the reviewer is not reasonable. But if the Las Vegas movers charged enormously higher than the expected estimate than that could be a huge red flag so please pay attention to the details of the review. 

​Do not give a big deposit for a local move. If the moving company is asking for a big deposit than look elsewhere to hire a good Las Vegas moving company. The last thing you want is a company that has lost motivation from preforming a great job. 

Avoid extra fees if possible. Don't be afraid to ask what might I be charged for that is not in this estimate. Also look at the fine print on the estimate and see what could it be leaving out that can cause the move to be more expensive than expected. 

Never sign an open contract. Make sure everything you wanted is on the contract and hold on to a copy this way if there's any discrepancies you would have the power of proof. 



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