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Local and Long Distance 

Things to look out for whether you are hiring a local Las Vegas moving company or otherwise. 

​Always be careful that you are note hiring a fly-by-night moving company. In Las Vegas all movers must have their company name and license number on the truck, so look carefully. 

When checking reviews check to see if any reviewer had pointed out that their belongings were held hostage by the movers. A lot of times everything is going smoothly until you get to the new residence where the moving company is demanding more money before releasing your things from the truck. At Frontier Movers of Las Vegas are final bill is not do until everything is inside your home where it belongs. 

Always lookout for a moving company that is trying to gain your trust and even goes as far as telling you that you don't need a written contract, HUGE NO NO. 

Every moving company should have a contract that points out everything down to the small details so you have no doubt on what is expected from you and what is the monetary that you are expecting to pay. 

​Verify all of the moving company's claims. This means check their business license, check all their credentials local and interstate, if they claim professional membership make sure it's true and not just a word that is told unto you. 

​Talk money and do not be shy about it. When is the payments do? Is there a deposit that you need to pay to the movers on the day of pick up? When is the final payment do? Are there any reasons that the final bill amount can change from the estimate? 

​Prepare for damage; In the event there's damage what should I expect. Is there a deductible or should I buy additional insurance from my movers or my own personal insurance company. 

Note that basic movers insurance is by weight so it's really by the pound. So you could see how a flat TV could get you back only a fraction of the price. 

​And keep in mind that this is only part of your worries when moving so be aware and be prepared.  


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