What is the difference between a broker or a carrier moving companies?  

A company that does what we call carrier service is the company that is handling the transportation of the move. It's doesn't mean that the carrier or moving company is doing the loading and unloading but it does mean they are doing delivery of products or belongings that it was contracted to. In some cases if you hire the carrier company to do the move you are possibly hiring the moving company as well. As for Frontier Movers of Las Vegas it's very rare that we would do the loading and unloading without producing the carrier handler, but always ask just so you would know how your particular move is being handled. 

‚ÄčAs for a broker moving company, it's true that you might get a lower fee but there's a down side as well. For one, you might not know when the movers will show up. This means that the chances of an exact date is not likely but you'd more than likely get an estimate date. This is due to the fact that your goods could be jumping from one moving company to another moving company till it's final destination. An other words it's not a seamless delivery. So keep in mind that's it's possible that your pick-up crew never even spoke to your drop-off crew which can result in a huge miscommunication.


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